Having continued to evolve and innovate through the years, Hetras has grown beyond the traditional idea of a property management system. A cloud-based front desk system that is evolving towards a guest-focused system; this includes all touch points of a modern guest journey. Together with our hotel clients, we noticed that guests are much more satisfied when they can control their own booking journey, and when staff is working alongside the guests throughout the check-in experience. As such Hetras has continued to focus on its developments around the Guest Facing Technology unit, delivering online check-in, mobile apps/key and guest journeys to its international clientele.


Hauke Lenthe, Executive VP at Hetras comments “a lobby based self-check-in app was the missing link to our digital guest journey. Similar, like with Airlines, guests will now check-in online, receive a QR code and pick up the keycard via a kiosk or tablet devices in the lobby or other pre-arrival locations. The booking process is completed with our mobile app check-in and mobile key access. As a guest, I have been able for many years to choose my seating preferences, my meals, and other services when going on a flight – within the hospitality industry today's travelers expect the same to design and create their own stay. We are proud to now cover all mobile touchpoints for a seamless guest experience, where users access and maintain a single image guest profile. This keeps the guest at the center of his stay.”


Hotels can now concentrate on service and not computers or technology. A large amount of traditional PMS system functionality will no longer be controlled by the Front Office – due to the current desktop PC dependency – and actually, can be moved into the guests pocket or be fully automated. Hotels will allow a booking journey that’s already known when ordering food, boarding a flight, laundry and cleaning services, renting a car, etc. This is the key to a modern and digital travel experience and demanded by the majority of mobile-enabled guests. It allows hotel staff to be true hosts and engage with their guests in a new way.  


About Shiji

Founded in 1998, Shiji has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers and service providers of "big data" to the hotel, food service, and retail industries. With the benefit of investors such as Alibaba and Shiji’s investments in data related companies, Shiji is able to offer IT solutions and data platform services to a vast array of industries and offer innovative products and technologies to the Global market. Shiji is rapidly expanding in both China and the international market with 50 subsidiaries in China alone along with ongoing expansion into Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America.

For more information on Hetras, contact:

marketing@hetras.com, +49 89 716718510


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