Betterspace, headquartered in Kassel, and hetras are joining forces to create highly efficient energy control technology for hotels that reduces energy costs and ensures guest comfort. In other words, the software systems developed by the two partners not only keep hotel guests satisfied, but also help protect the environment.

Thermostat Betterpace hetras

According to Gerhard Weiß, Managing Director of Betterspace, "Hoteliers naturally want to make guests' stays as pleasant as possible, but doing so often involves high energy costs and employing a lot of staff." Now there is a way for hotels to “go green” and keep guests happy. Known as ‘better.hotel,’ the software developed by Betterspace, along with hetras hotel management technology, lets hoteliers keep a close eye on energy consumption and associated costs while still being able to make every guest’s stay as perfect as possible.


Perfect room management through detailed information exchanges between hetras and better.hotel

better.hotel technology combines an innovative hotel guest management system with intelligent building automation. As Philip von Ditfurth, hetras VP of Business Development, explains, "Using hetras and better.hotel will enable hoteliers to fully utilize the advantages of digitization and to become 'smart.' The systems are perfectly compatible and, used in combination, will generate benefits that are greater still than those achieved when used on their own." Improving the guest experience while protecting the environment. How does it get better than that?



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