The stuff hotel-owners' dreams are made of: Being able to use their data to personalize their guests’ experience and meet their respective needs. Hotels set on optimizing their guest experiences have long since started doing so and that is not just with respect to single hotels, but across entire chains.

This is made possible by an Open Source Solution that can be used to effectively analyze vast amounts of data. These analyses are performed in real time and can also be easily performed from a smartphone. They can be used to collect information such as: Which of your guests come back? Which hotels did they use in the past? What distinguishes them as guests?

ElasticSearch – the answer to searching through vast amounts of data

"hetras already has millions of data sets", explains Philip von Ditfurth, one of the Munich-based company's three Managing Directors. "ElasticSearch not only allows us to provide our customers with real time data for their day-to-day operations, but also for their data analyses.“ ElasticSearch forms part of hetras cloud-based Property Management System.

Big Data: The data hotel operators have to deal with ranges from names and addresses to reservation numbers and more. ElasticSearch is capable of searching through a nearly unlimited amount of data of up to several terabytes extremely quickly. "This is of particular advantage in dynamic cloud environments, because ElasticSearch can be distributed and scaled," adds von Ditfurth. "This means that even searching through vast amounts of data isn't a problem."

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Photo: Philip, private


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