Today we talk to Jomy Jose. She has worked for several years as a software developer for a number of multinational companies in various fields of business, like banking, insurance, communication, and media. Since February 2011, she has been working for hetras in software development.                


How did you come to work for hetras?

Once I decided to make Munich my adopted city, I was on the lookout for something that was challenging and different from what I had done so far. The position at hetras stood out among other offers I received, since the idea of working for a startup that is revolutionizing the hotel industry excited me. So, I joined hetras in 2011, and now, when I look back, it was the right decision.


I was told you are the only female developer at hetras. Is that true?

That’s not true. One of our solution developers is female. In our twenty-member product team, there are just four women, and I am the only developer among them. In general, we have a 1:1 ratio of men to women at hetras.


What do you think, why are so few women studying IT/engineering here in Germany?

I have wondered about that myself, many times. My guess is that women in Germany prefer more conventional jobs.


Why did you study engineering, and what is so fascinating about programming?

My dad is an engineer, and I was influenced by him when I was little. Coding and development have always appealed to me, because they rely on problem-solving. The process of collaborating with the stakeholders to understand what needs to be achieved then coming up with a design has always been exciting to me.


Why should hotels change to a cloud-based PMS?

Moving to a cloud-based system enables hotels to dedicate more resources to their true focus - the guests. It means eliminating the need to have a dedicated IT department. A cloud-based hotel management system like hetras provides not only the advantages of having a single system driving PMS and CRS, but also the opportunity for anybody to develop apps against its public API – maybe an IBE or a mobile app.


How has your experience been working with hetras?

Working in the hospitality industry has been a very different and interesting experience for me. hetras, being a startup, provides ample opportunity to work on a variety of cutting-edge technologies. Having the chance to work closely with the product managers has also been very rewarding.


Tell me three things you really miss from your home country (India) and three things you really enjoy here in Germany!

What I miss from my country: the never-ending summer, traditional Indian food, the fact that shops are open until 11:00 at night. What I like about Germany: the genuineness of the people, insurance and child care facilities, the great infrastructure – like the Autobahn


Who else is working for hetras?

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Jomy Jose  is from the coastal city of Kochi, Kerala. She started her career as a software developer in Bangalore, Karnataka and lived and worked in Simi Valley, California before moving to Munich. Her husband works in the field of automotive electronics, and she has a 2.5-year-old son who keeps her on her toes at home. She has a passion for dance and photography and tries to pursue them as much as she can in her free time.





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